How it works

Wholesale Flavours are owned by Flavour World Pty Ltd who have been asked on a daily basis to come up with a solution to help small businesses purchase 16oz bottles of concentrates  without having to worry about international shipping, customs, GST and exchange rates

This also works well if a few businesses get together and arrange a group buy, the more you buy the larger the discount.

1. Once you place an order with us, we place an order with the manufacturer direct in the USA, once arrived in Australia we will then ship to you directly, it takes about 2 weeks or sooner from when you place the order to when you receive it, unless there is a minor customs delay.

2. The Minimum Number of 16oz bottles is 4, and the Maximum number of 16oz bottles that can be ordered in 1 order is 35. The minimum number of Flavourart 1 litre bottles is 3

3. When placing an order with Wholesale Flavours you can only purchase concentrates from 1 company per order, your order should contain either, The Flavor Apprentice Concentrates, Capella Flavor Drops, Flavor West or Flavourart, should you mix companies on the same order your order will be cancelled and refunded

Should you have any questions please either call us on 02 4656 1908 ( AM Only ) or through our contact page, you can also click live chat